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A Marketing Research Company Blending Art and Science

Jeff Anderson Consulting (JAC) is a full-service, professional marketing research, advertising and strategic planning company founded in 1987.

  • Company headquarters located in La Jolla, California.
  • 90% of revenue comes from repeat business.
  • Reputation as a top market research firm.

JAC stands out as an innovator in applying research to the marketplace. The JAC difference is in the way data is interpreted, analyzed and packaged to demonstrate how it can best be applied.

In the spring of 1987, we opened our doors with a fairly idealistic goal . . . to be the smartest marketing research company and consulting firm in the world, as judged by our clients. The creative “blending of art and science” in a language and format that is clear and easily applied is what you will experience when you contract with JAC.

A Smart Marketing Research Company

We’ve observed that most large marketing research consulting companies with reputations established long ago for breadth of service, international capabilities, and client size are now beginning to turn away from the very elements they once proudly touted. Many are scrambling to reorganize into smaller units, emphasizing reduced overhead, increased teamwork and focused client service.

We have also considered the increasing number of smaller “hot shop” firms more capable of doing cutting-edge work. The work seems to perform well for some clients, but not so well for those whose situations require more strategic disciplines.

We’ve concluded that to be the smartest firm in today’s economic climate, we must offer the wisest combination of both. That is, JAC must possess the strategic marketing ability of the larger, established marketing research consulting companies, with the cutting edge methodologies and economic efficiencies of a smaller creative shop.

With the collective experience of more than 30 years in the marketing research and advertising business, we believed that we could draw on our past experience to create a new order of smart marketing research company . . . a market research firm that is better structured to service its clients with increased focus and efficiency. We’ve eliminated layers of bureaucracy and streamlined departments. Our full-time employees and thousands of associates allow JAC to meet our philosophy of full service — that means more than performing market research services with cost effectiveness, but also provides strategic thinking services.