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Considering Marketing Research Agencies?


Here’s What to Look For…

You Do the Talking, We Do the Listening.

The first thing you will notice about Jeff Anderson Consulting among marketing research agencies is how carefully we listen. Before we do anything, we want to know about you, your business, and your objectives. We realize no one knows your business better than you. We want to understand your current position in the marketplace, your resources and your strengths.

Marketing Research is More Than Statistics.

As marketing problem solvers, we study and analyze all possible solutions. We advise and try to stimulate your thought process with creative ideas and questions. We bring you information and solutions to help you make the best business decisions. The best marketing research agencies should want to be your marketing solutions partner.

We Become Part of Your Team.

We bring our expertise to your knowledge of your business. Together we formulate workable research objectives designed to provide you the most useful information as cost effectively as possible. And among marketing research agencies, we’re known for our combination of strategic thinking and cost-effective execution.

The Art of the Science.

The key element to conducting marketing research is the proper research design: a creative “Blending of Art and Science”. There’s no one methodology that will be right for all situations.

Jeff Anderson Consulting will develop the research that’s the best fit to solve your marketing problems.

The Art…

We understand and pay close attention to the details, such as

  • Appropriateness of question content
  • Question order
  • How questions are posed to respondents
  • Proper sample selection of respondents
  • Correct positioning of the research

The Science…

We determine the most appropriate research design

  • telephone surveys
  • on-line surveys
  • focus groups (on-line and traditional)
  • mall-intercept/in-person interviews (IDI’s)
  • and other techniques

We explain the advantages and disadvantages of each methodology

We explain why we recommend a particular research design

No surprises When You Receive Results

That’s because we will have kept you informed of our findings as the data was being collected, as statistics were being compiled and as top-line results were being generated. This open communication exchange will produce subtle interpretations that can lead to strategic marketing action, producing more sales and more profits.