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Market Research and Advertising Update

I guess you could call it a “bus driver’s holiday” but so often as marketers, we are working 100% on our clients’ social media postings and ignore our own. Call it a New Year’s Resolution or some type of wake-up call but I am going to devote more time to keeping all my social media contacts up to date this year on what’s happening in the world of Jeff Anderson Consulting, our marketing observations and tips you can consider. I hope you always enjoy and send feedback as often as you can.

January 2014 is starting off with a bang! On the research side, I am currently working on a project for a very large overseas pint manufacturing company that is exploring new product opportunities. This project consists of a good deal of secondary research. Some in-depth telephone interviews with paint marketing professionals at a few well-known paint manufacturing companies and two consumer and two contractor focus groups to rest the needs, wants desires likes and dislikes about paint, painting process and some market opportunities.

We are excited to begin a quantitative study for one of our favorite long-term clients Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP). The project is a follow-up to an international qualitative study that identified key user insights and value drivers among users of ASP products. We completed six domestic and six international focus group sessions with target users. We appreciate the continuing confidence ASP has had in our capabilities since 2003!

On the advertising side I am happy to welcome Michael Gaddis JD Real Estate Group. As their ad agency of record, we will be placing and producing a multimedia campaign that will introduce the company to the San Diego Market and look to make the market aware of the unique benefit of listing with Michael Gaddis JD Realty Group. Michael happens to not be a traditional realtor, but instead a realtor, real estate attorney and mortgage broker all in one. This gives his client much more expertise and capabilities – but at no extra cost to his clients!

We also just completed updating four new radio spots for Miramar Kitchen and Bath with more testimonials of satisfied customers comments included in the spots. This is our 15th consecutive year as the ad agency of Miramar Kitchen and Bath and we appreciate the continuing confidence and loyalty Nicole Donnelly has in our abilities. This year we are putting more of a priority on kitchen remodels as they have new value added upgrades they can offer.

We also just started a unique radio campaign for Jeff Gray DDS who has been a client of ours for the past several years. We have entered into an endorsement campaign by Randy Hoag, who is best known as “helper boy Randy” on the “Jeff and Jer Showgram” on KYXY-FM radio. Dr Gray will be “creating a new smile” for Randy. Randy, who has been so embarrassed by his teeth for years that he covers his mouth when he smiles is very excited and relieved by the approach and comfort Dr Gray offers with Sedation Dentistry. Randy has had a major fear going to the dentist, a major “gag reflex” and as a result has let his teeth and oral health suffer. The radio endorsement campaign will follow Rady from start to completion of his journey to a new smile. Be sure to also look for Dr Gray on San Diego Living on XETV-6 as a guest on the show with great information about the latest in sedation and comfortable cosmetic dentistry.

We at Jeff Anderson Consulting are also very excited to welcome Lorena Ruggero as the new Director of Community Relations at Grossmont College! We have served as the advertising agency for Grossmont College for over 13 years and currently running enrollment advertising in radio, Pandora and select east county movie theatres. Our campaign addresses how Grossmont College is changing the lives of their students for the better through education.

If you are a pin collector, be sure to check out a new client of ours, PinPics website store is filled with Disney collectable pins and also events for pin collectors. We have been helping them monetize their site with new offers and an upgrade membership offer that is filled with special benefits and unique offerings for serious pin collectors and/or lovers of Disney art.

We continue to run radio campaigns for LAVA Propane (tank exchange service) around holiday weekends that bring out the need for full tanks of propane for heaters and barbeques.

Rady Children’s Dermatology also continues to have us run periodic radio campaigns for the clinical studies they administer for major pharmaceuticals. Rady Children’s was our very first client and we have maintained a relationship for over 23 years.