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Marketing Consulting Services

Jeff Anderson Consulting, Inc. offers the brain power, experience and creativity to answer your business and marketing problems — providing you a strategic advantage over your competition.

We believe Jeff Anderson Consulting, Inc. is the antithesis of the stereotypical green eyeshade market research consulting firm. Nor is Jeff Anderson Consulting, Inc. an entity which can ever be viewed as an off the deep-end or flakey creative shop.  Jeff Anderson Consulting brings a perfect blending of art with science in our marketing consulting services.

After all, the key reason for the selection of any consultant is not to get data and statistics reported with shallow implications for your business or marketing problems.  Shouldn’t you desire a marketing consulting firm with strong analytical capability and seasoned experience that can offer your business creative solutions?

We can do it all, Soup to Nuts

From helping to identify a client’s marketing problem to directing a creative communications approach, Jeff Anderson Consulting, Inc. is an expert in the fields of Market Research, Advertising Placement/Creative and New Media.

Project or Retainer?

We work with our clients on both a project and retainer basis.  Our pricing is based on the value we bring to our clients. We know that if we are not worth many times over the value we can bring our clients, we will not be working with that client for long or ever again.

Fortunately, our clients believe we deliver significant value for the money.  How do we know?

Nearly 90% of our business is from repeat clients!