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Jeff Anderson Consulting has been a Leader in the Market Research Industry for Over 25 Years. We Help Solve Your Most Critical Business Needs

Providing our clients with forward thinking expertise has resulted in Jeff Anderson Consulting being recognized as a leader in the industry.  We don’t just respond to our client’s most critical business questions, we provide solutions and guidance to meet and exceed what is expected.

Our progressive and traditional research techniques help today’s businesses maximize their success and thrive. From segmentation and brand tracking, to enhancing survey research with digital data, we can target our research methodology and expertise to fit our client’s needs on a local, national and/or international basis.

We strive to deliver insights that will propel our clients ahead of their competition.

How Marketing Research Can Drive Market Planning

Market Planning: constructing a product or a marketing or advertising plan to help ensure success.

This type of marketing problem may involve the following types of information needs:

  • Is there a need for the product?
  • Who will buy the product, and how will they be reached?
  • How much should the product cost?
  • How will the product be distributed, and how should the market/trade areas be defined?
  • What types of promotion will be required?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • What is the market potential of the product?

How Marketing Research Solves Problems

Do you need to resolve specific marketing problems? These might include:

  • Why are sales low or down from previous measurements?
  • If sales could be higher, why isn’t advertising bringing in new customers?
  • Why haven’t previous or current advertising or promotional activities been successful?
  • Why is the current customer base diminishing?
  • Why aren’t our existing distribution channels sufficient?
  • Why are customers dissatisfied?
  • How can the product be improved?
  • Should product lines be increased/decreased?
  • How can market share be increased?
  • What are customer expectations?

How to Use Market Research to Monitor Products, Markets, and Advertising

What is Monitoring? It’s measuring the status quo to understand the current environment — identifying changes and potential problems:

  • Where does the product stand in the market today?
  • Are customers satisfied?
  • Is the product meeting customer expectations?
  • What is the current market share?
  • Is advertising reaching potential customers?

It’s then that marketing research can truly begin to solve marketing problems.

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