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AH! Marketing Driven Advertising

In the spring of 1992, we opened the doors of AH! Marketing Driven Advertising with a fairly idealistic goal.

To be the smartest advertising agency in the world, as judged by clients.

This goal cannot be achieved simply by growth or by winning awards. (Almost every agency can lay claim to at least one of these.)

Nor can it be achieved by simply increasing a client’s sales. (Even dumb commercials can move the needle a bit if you dump enough money behind them.)

We believe growth, awards, and sales should be the results of the goal.

AH! is a true marketing based advertising consulting firm, not just an advertising agency.

Our award winning creative is based first and foremost on meeting marketing objectives and defining the target audiences. AH! blends the best strategic minds with exceptional creative concepts providing our clients with targeted, clutter-busting advertising.

Above is one example of our creative juices at work, as we incorporate gaming excitement with other benefits Circus Circus offers. See our TV ads for more.

Our goal is to see you be successful!

We perform as your partners bringing our expertise to you.

AH! clients are experiencing success thanks to the dynamics of our research, planning, promotion, advertising placements, film / video production and overall marketing skills.

Let our mix of expertise breed more success for you too!

Call us at AH! to learn more: 858-794-9596.

AH! – the Smart Advertising Agency

To be the smartest advertising agency in today’s economic climate, we must offer the wisest combination of strategic marketing ability (like the big-name agencies), with the creative impact and economic efficiencies of a smaller creative shop.

With the collective experience of more than 30 years in the advertising business — including key positions at the most successful local and international advertising agencies, major media entities and corporate advertising clients — we believed we could form an ideal mix of creative talent and marketing expertise.

We’ve drawn on our past experience to create a new order of advertising agency. One that would be better structured to service our clients with increased focus and efficiency — by eliminating layers of bureaucracy and streamlining departments to a minimum.

AH! Marketing Driven Advertising’s philosophy of “full service” means more than creative services and cost-effective placement of advertising. AH! also provides strategic marketing services. These services often will incorporate marketing research and planning through Jeff Anderson Consulting.

AH! Advertising was founded on the idea that we could truly maximize a client’s investment by creating strategically precise, creatively distinctive advertising, as economically efficiently as possible.

Customer Testimonials

"Jeff helped us put together a marketing plan for our business over 10 years ago. He helped us to focus on a niche that has proven to be very successful for us. He is thorough and knowledgeable and easy to work with. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative" Nicole Donnelly, Owner, Miramar Kitchen and Bath


"Jeff possesses the keen ability to quickly analyze a situation and find an ingenious solution. Jeff is one of the most talented, creative individuals I have ever worked with or for." Felice Kay, Managing Editor, Luxveria Media, Inc.


I have used Jeff Andersen Consulting now at two different companies for qualitative Win-Loss research. Jeff’s rigorous, yet pragmatic approach, ensures that we get insightful and actionable information from every interview. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending Jeff and his team. Andrew Boyd, CMO Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Dimensional Insight, Boston, MA

Andrew Boyd