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Creative Services Based on Marketing Research

Unlike most firms who often base their creative services on opinions and “gut feel”, we base our creative on extensive market research. By first doing the research necessary, we are able to produce well thought-out and targeted advertising.

If primary research (surveys or focus groups) is necessary, we can bring 20+ years of experience to every marketing research project. Often, secondary research is also collected and analyzed. Once the current levels of awareness or images of a client are established, consumer behavior, demographics, psychographics and economic and geographic factors are incorporated into the mix of information.

Our experience has found that the marketing research doesn’t become a barrier — but actually enhances our creativity in a focused and effective direction, to help catch the attention of those most apt to purchase your product or service.

Our Clients Hire Us for Our Award-Winning Creative Services

For us to achieve our goal, we must put one thing above all else.

The creative product.

The clients who have chosen to work with us are incredibly varied. But they all have one thing in common. They’ve come to us for the creative product — not the false security of an enormous staff, fancy conference rooms or regional offices.

They’ve chosen us because they’re smart enough to put the creative product above all else as well.

Since we can’t hide behind a facade of glitz and large meetings, we can stand only behind our product – our creative services. So we must work far harder to make the creative product right.

We believe this unique drive will be an extraordinary benefit to clients. And we believe that working harder and more efficiently for our clients will result in larger profits and greater success for every client.

In short, we believe that if the creative product works, all else will follow.

Our goal is to see you be successful!

We perform as your partners bringing our expertise to you.

Creative Services Plus…

AH! clients are experiencing success thanks to our unique combination of: research, planning, promotion, advertising placements, internet /social media knowledge, film / video production and overall marketing skills.

Let our mix of expertise breed more success for you too!