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Direct Marketing Services

When you need to generate response from your advertising efforts, you need an experienced direct marketing team to ensure you don’t waste your money.

Direct-Response Advertising: Magazines and Newspapers

If you’re looking to build a mailing list of prospects interested in your product or service, a direct-response ad campaign may make sense for you. An ad with a specific offer can encourage readers to text their reply, call your 800 number, or visit your website.

What can you accomplish with a little direct marketing expertise applied to your advertising?

  1. Build a list of prospects specifically interested in a particular characteristic. For example, Volvo offered a safety comparison guide for those considering purchasing a new car. Volvo wouldn’t have been able to find any type of mailing list of consumers who specifically were concerned about vehicle safety – so they built their own list through advertising.
  2. Offer a special discount only to those who visit a particular web page. For example, you could promise a coupon, and drive traffic to a page with more information on your product – as well as a coupon for a particular discount. This can help educate your audience on your particular product’s benefits – and help you avoid giving away margin to everyone.

Direct Mail, Email Marketing, and Mobile Marketing

Direct mail is still very much alive and well -– and actually preferred by consumers over email! There’s no better way to get a highly targeted message in front of your target audience. But to maximize your direct mail investment, it’s important to work with a marketing team that knows how to generate profitable results from every direct mail campaign. We have over 30 years of direct marketing expertise creating profitable direct mail packages that effectively generate response.

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Email marketing is most effectively used to nurture your prospects toward conversion. In other words, email marketing is the marketing “work horse” – generate prospects from your website, SMS mobile campaigns, or 800 number, and use a series of email marketing messages to educate and convert your prospects into customers over time. Email marketing is fraught with challenges – so be sure to partner with an email marketing team that understands the challenges of email rendering, deliverability, and getting the message opened.

If you’re trying to reach the 20-something “millennial” market, you need to be using mobile marketing! Millennials are the first generation to use the cell phone more than the computer. So it’s critical to reach them via the medium they prefer.

You probably need a mobile version of your website. And you should consider SMS text campaigns. Mobile pay-per-click ads tend to cost less per click than non-mobile ads and could be a good opportunity for the right product.

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