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We Work with You to Identify Marketing Solutions

Because we focus on marketing solutions, we have no agency “attitude” or “style” to impose on our clients’ products. Each campaign is as different as the one before. Just as each company or product has a unique personality, so should its advertising. In look, feel, and content.

Before we begin, campaign objectives are discussed in detail with our clients. Once objectives are established, strategies are formulated to best communicate to the defined target segments. Appeals are discussed, concentrating on what the most important purchasing benefits are — from your customers’ perspective.

Creative platforms are developed with rough ideas submitted to the client for approval. Approved roughs are refined, re-approved, the budgets finalized and then production is initiated. Media penetrations and consumer behaviors are then discussed to determine how creative platforms can be the most influential.

As markets continue to change and evolve with increasing rapidity, so should our thinking. It allows us, our clients – and our marketing solutions — to anticipate and lead, rather than react and follow.

The Creative Result: Advertising as Marketing Solutions

There’s no argument that incorporating strategic planning and work sessions into our creative process demands more effort on the behalf of our clients and us. But we’ve found that it’s a seriously effective way for keeping our work distinctive and on target with both the client and the consumer.