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Our firm believes public relations and promotion are an integral part of the entire marketing and advertising mix. We bring promotions and promotional ideas to our clients that are awareness generating — and that blend well with the overall marketing objectives. Often times, we are able to generate additional budget from vendors or co-op clients who may decide to share in a promotion.

Because we also have extensive backgrounds in media and public relations, we are able to combine this experience with unique ideas. Using this experience enables us to develop heightened consumer interest and generate a high level of media exposure — exactly what a well thought out promotion should bring.

Media Buying Services: Our “Tough Love” Approach

We have the best media buyers in the business working for us.

And then sometimes, we employ the work of one of several national media buying services we’ve formed alliances with. (It’s been our experience that the most effective media planners and buyers do just that.) We may place more media in one week than most agency buyers do all year. This translates into three very important things:

  • Experience
  • Efficiency
  • And Clout

(Networks and publishers treat these buyers quite well, as you can imagine.) This means our media buyers not only have the broadest perspective with which to offer innovative and creative solutions, they also have the ability to negotiate these solutions at rates that agency buyers would envy.

Our own expertise includes over 20 years of experience and millions of dollars in placements. Our “tough love” approach to the media produces cost-efficient buys without sacrificing value-added promotions. We are equipped with the latest media research tools and resources to place the most effective traditional and new media buys possible.