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Radio Ads

Following is a sampling of our 30 sec and 60 sec award winning radio spots.photo_15

30-second radio spots

Grossmont College 30 “Grossmont is My College”

Gray-Williams 30 “Sedation”

60-second radio spots

Miramar Kitchen & Bath 60 “Yuck”

Trophy’s 60 “Meet me at Trophy’s”

Trophy’s 60 “Come 2 times a week”

Children’s 60 “Special Needs”

CPMG 60 “Open Enrollment”

CPMG 60 2006 “Open Enrollment Two”

Grossmont College 60 “Enrollment”

Grossmont College 60 “My College”

Grossmont College 30 “I am Grossmont College”

Luxveria 60 “Lap of Luxveria”

Luxveria 60 “Its about You”