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Strategy: Circus-Circus was faced with the problem of selling their services without legally being able to show or mention “gaming” or “gambling.” Their target was California and Arizona “casino gamers.” Our approach was to show all the other benefits of Circus-Circus and roll each video segment in to appear like the windows of a slot machine. This very successful TV spot still presented the excitement of gaming and hit home with “casino gamers” without mentioning or showing “gaming” at all!

New Children’s Hospital Grand Opening

Strategy: The spot on the top was designed to introduce the San Diego Community to the new Rady Children’s Hospital. Because there were so many new state of the art comfort and technology benefits incorporated into the hospital, it was decided to present a 60 second television spot as opposed to the more common 30 second length. Keeping the interest of the viewer was a key objective. We apparently did a good job as this spot won the American Marketing Association award for best television commercial of the year in the San Diego market. (As a side note: Much of the hospital’s construction wasn’t yet completed and our production crew had to shoot around workers and unfinished areas.)

Strategy: The spot on the bottom was designed to introduce the San Diego Community to the new Children’s Hospital logo. Our firm not only tested the effectiveness of the “kite” as an apostrophe for the word “Children’s,” we made certain that the kite had a positive impact and influence on the target of young female healthcare decision makers. Additionally, we wanted to produce an effective television commercial with the message that children are different than adults when it comes to their healthcare needs. Children need to be cared for by a hospital that understands their special needs and has the proper equipment to care for them. The graphic close was designed to turn a real life situation into the new logo for Children’s Hospital of San Diego.

Lawrance Furniture

Strategy: The goal of this commercial was to feature Lawrance the furniture first, but also the “Lawrance lifestyle” by having people mystically appear in the rooms while living their lives and utilizing the furniture which is a perfect fit their contemporary lifestyle. This commercial was very well received by viewers — and the uptick in sales results for our client proved it.

1-800-Call Doc

Strategy: This unique physician home house-call service’s goal for advertising was to educate the market and demonstrate exactly how the service of a highly qualified physician and high-tech van arrives to a residence, treats the typical patient (who is generally too weak to even get up and go the hospital but not too hurt or sick to require an ambulance.) This spot targeted the typical patient base that could most benefit with the Call Doc service.

Marvin K. Brown Buick

Strategy: For 50 years Marvin K. Brown was known as a Cadillac auto dealership. When they obtained a Buick franchise, they had to educate the consumer that they also now had a Buick dealership. Our experience told us this was a big task as anytime you said Marvin K. Brown, the consumer would always think Cadillac — no matter how many times you said “Buick.” (After 50 years of pounding Cadillac into consumers’ minds, it was next to impossible to change their perception.) Our solution was to change the name of the dealership (at least for marketing purposes.) We changed and promoted the dealership as “Brown Buick,” implemented a graphic morph from Marvin K. Brown to Brown Buick and developed the tag line, “No matter what color Buick to buy, make sure it is Brown”-Brown Buick that is. This very low budget spot exceeded all the client’s expectations!

Trophy’s Sports Grill