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Website Design: the Cornerstone of Your Marketing Campaign

Where’s the first place your prospects will look to find out more about your company, products, and services? Where do all of your advertising campaigns send traffic?

Your website is the single most important element of your overall marketing efforts.

Is your website easily scan-able? About 85% (or more) of visitors to your website want to SCAN to find what they’re looking for. Can they easily scan your site? That means you’ve written benefit-oriented headlines on every page, rather than generic headlines like “Solutions.”

That also means you’ve broken up your copy with frequent subheads, bullet points, numbered lists.

What’s your Website Conversion Rate?

Are you tracking number of leads as a percentage of total visitors? How is that number changing over time – is it improving?

What offers are you testing? When is the last time you tested a new offer? A website is never “done.” It’s an on-going incubator for marketing offers.

Is your website design focused on getting the response – capturing the lead, encouraging visitors to register for your gotta-have-it offer? Isn’t that the whole purpose of your website – to generate leads? If your website isn’t focused on converting visitors, it may be time for a new website design.

What about Design? Is it Time for a New Website Design?

You may be tired of your website design. That’s typically because you and your marketing team visit your website more than your customers -– and likely more than your typical prospect. But few visitors leave a website because they don’t like the look of the site.

Visitors leave a website because:

  1. They can’t find what they’re looking for, because your navigation isn’t crystal clear.
  2. They can’t find what they’re looking for, because you’ve buried your key benefits deep in long paragraph after long paragraph. And who wants to wade through that?
  3. They can’t find what they’re looking for, because you didn’t send them directly to a page that delivered that special offer you promised.

To make your website more effective, review your menu system. Take a critical look at your copy – would you read it? Would it encourage you to stay on your website to learn more? Does it lead you to a response page?

If it’s time to drastically improve response from your website, contact us for a free website design review.

Is Your Website Design as Search-Friendly as It Could Be?

Do you know if your website currently appears on page 1 of for any of your critical keywords? Do you know for which keywords you rank on page 1 – and for which keywords you don’t rank anywhere in the first 3 pages?

How have your rankings changed over the last 6 months? Are you becoming more visible – or more invisible and fading into the competitive background?

Search Engine Optimization is part Art – and part Science. That’s why we approach it with a firm understanding of the Science – including keyword research and the right keyword focus for every page of your site. But we also understand how to use the Art of social media marketing and blogs to generate quality incoming links.

If you’ve tried social media marketing, and are ready now to actually create a social media PLAN, our online experts are ready to walk you through creating a solid plan that will achieve measurable results.

Blogs and Social Media Marketing: You Can’t Have a Website Without Them

Are you an active participant in the blogosphere and social networks – or do you just post updates and hope for the best? Merely posting information and updates isn’t participating in social media; sounds like you’re relying on old-school “push” tactics in these completely customer-controlled new-age media.

No wonder you’re not seeing a return on your social media efforts.

Because of the importance of the organic search engine listings, which are driven by quality incoming links to your website, you can’t be successful with your website unless you’re also successful with blogs and social media. Blogs and social media are generating the bulk of incoming website links.

If you don’t have a logical PLAN to implement them both effectively, why not stop wasting your time and efforts and contact us.